Geodatabase (GIS-Based Database)

Database (database) is a logical collection of interrelated information managed and stored as a single unit. GIS database (Geodatabase) generally covers the spatial location and shape of the feature is stored in the form of point, line, polygon, pixel / grid / cell or TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) equipped with a data attribute.
In another sense, the database is also a set or collection of data or files stored interconnected in a single media (electronic) in an organized manner, so that it can be accessed easily and quickly. So the geodatabase is a database of geographic data.
So that the database can be accessed easily and quickly, then the database must have created the database structure is compact, efficient and systematic structure of the table, space (memory) storage in a compact, efficient table size to speed up the process, little / no repetition, and there is no ambiguity of data from all the existing table. Or in general can be called a geodatabase (GIS-based database).
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