Visualising DEMs in ArcGIS utilizing LiDAR Analyst

This video recording below will demonstrates you how to deliver a more effective way to visualising DEMs in ArcGIS utilizing LiDAR Analyst. With the Hill-Shade raster tool in Lidar Analyst to produce a apart gray-scale hill-shade raster and and so blend it on the DEM.

This technique is higher-up to the conventional RGB hill-shade raster because it tolerates the user to choose the colors that bring out the particulars in the DEM. Additionally it as well permits the user to query the altitude values on the DEM

Follow step by step below :

1. Produce Hill-Shade for DEM.
2. Group Hill-Shade and DEM raster.
3. Rearrange raster so that DEM is on top of Hill-Shade.
4. Open the raster properties dialog for the DEM.
5. Choose the Display Tab and set Transparency to 40%.
6. Choose Symbology Tab and change color ramp to one that is appropriate for your DEM

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