Curve Construction Tool: A New Editing Tool in ArcGIS 10

Editing Labs team has made a new editing tools for ArcGIS 10 is Curve Construction Tool. Editing tools in ArcGIS 10 will appear at the bottom of construction tools menu when you instruct the Start Editing one layer in the TOC with a polyline or polygon type.

Maybe you frequently perform digitization using the Draw a Curve in Drawing menu that produces a graphic, and then converted to a feature/shapefile. Usually the difficulty arises if ther is necessary to edit on the feature/shapefile. Menu Editing in ArcGIS 10 default does not provide a more smooth as digitization Draw a Curve in the Drawing menu. Now, with the Curve Tool Construction, the problem can be resolved.

If you are familiar with the tool Draw a Curve in Drawing for digitizing graphic menu, then the operational Curve Construction Tool is exactly the same. The difference, of course, directly Curve Construction Tool generates a new shape layer. See picture below how the ease of a more smooth digitized using a Curve Construction Tool to add a new shape to a polygon.

Curve Construction Tool can be downloaded via the link below. There is a tutorial how to install and un-install and how to use this tool.

Download Curve Construction Tool
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