Thinking About GIS: Geographic Information System Planning for Managers

Thinking about GIS: Geographic Information System Planning for Managers presents a planning model for designing data and technology systems which will meet any organization’s specific needs. Suitable for two primary audiences-senior managers who oversee information technologies and technical specialists to blame for system design-this book supplies a common platform on which to conduct GIS planning. The 4th edition reflects the latest trends in geospatial technology, and includes new case studies, exercises from author Roger Tomlinson's course Planning for a GIS, and video of his "Planning and Operating a GIS" seminar from your Esri International User Conference.

For any manager who may be considering a GIS implementation for the first time, this book are needed. Tomlinson offers an introduction to the key conditions that you might have to handle. Such as designing the database and, very importantly, limiting the scope with the project. You need to be careful not to attempt a lot of in a very first GIS project. Rather, attention should be paid to devising explicitly the remit with the project, and just what it is not going to attempt to do. 

The examples inside the book can be quite valuable in assisting you to do the above. Treat them as case studies that illustrate the manifold solutions to intensively use geographic information. 

It also shows how GIS has invigorated geography. For decades, it had been a rather sleepy field. Though the accessibility to massive levels of geographic information and cheap computing has turned this field into an exciting area for the brand new century.

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