Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder

Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder is a workbook that teaches developing custom tools and applications utilizing a visual programming interface called ArcGIS ModelBuilder. As a part of ArcGIS, geographic information system (GIS) software from Esri, ArcGIS ModelBuilder lets you string together geoprocessing tools and Python scripts in order to create your own personal innovative tools. These tools are able to be controlled through models with programming techniques such as looping, iterating, and batch processing. 

Learning ArcGIS ModelBuilder lays the foundation for using ArcGIS ModelBuilder to build models that really help simplify geoprocessing tasks. ArcGIS ModelBuilder can be used as a  straightforward, stand-alone programming tool or as being a more complicated interface for Python and VB scripts. In reality, the book's using Python scripting in ArcGIS ModelBuilder may serve as an introduction to Python programming. 

Without intended being a how-to on performing analysis, Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder shows how you can convert analysis projects you design into models that will make these projects more flexible and easier to control. The novel consists of seven chapters, including thirty exercises that reinforce the relevant skills of model building, as well as an appendix that has five challenges to assist you practice building models you can use again and again and shared with others.

This book illustrates how ArcGIS ModelBuilder will help you to
  • Build custom tools and applications
  • Incorporate every one of the ArcGIS 10 components
  • Automate geoprocessing tasks
  • Perform batch processing
  • Add decision-making components to models
  • Set up interactive models
  • Write custom Python scripts you need to include them in a model
  • Build helpful model documentation

Like other books inside the best-selling Esri Observing series, Observing ArcGIS ModelBuilder runs on the proven learning method which uses conceptual materials and step-by-step exercises with richly detailed illustrations to guide students inside classroom together  with self-learners. Every one of the data needed for the exercises in addition to examples of models, Python scripts, and custom applications are included in a companion DVD that is included with this book.
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