Creating Map Design and Web Mapping with TileMill

TileMill is an application of the design studio to create maps and web mapping more interactive, interesting and look more beautiful. TileMill built from open source libraries (Mapnik, Node.js, backbone.js, express and CodeMirror) and using CSS styling with Carto script to generate beautiful web mapping.

TileMill supports a variety of raster and vector format layer. Vector data formats supported include CSV, SHP, JavaScript Object Notation of GeoJSON, KML, including the SQLite database format such as. For raster data formats supported are GeoTIFF. TileMill can also visualize data Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from SRTM or ASTER to display the hillshade, slope or slope shading. Users can also add charts and graphs into a layout TileMill.

TileMill able to automatically detect projected shapefile vector data. Especially for raster data, since Mapnik as the core of this application does not yet support the projected transformation of raster data, raster data that it should be added as a layer about to have a mercator projection world.

TileMill can be downloaded free for Windows, Linux or Mac (see link at the end of this post). Also available on the official website some tutorials how to use this map design applications including: Importing a basic spreadsheet, a basic point map Styling, Adding tooltips and legends, and Exporting maps and sharing them on the Web and How to embed charts in TileMill.


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