GIS Tutorial: How to Import LIDAR Data into Global Mapper

Global Mapper supports a variety of raster data, DEM data and a variety of other GIS data in vector format. One of the features that support is easy to do import and export LIDAR data include to visualize  three-dimensional (3D).

Here it is GIS tutorial that shows how to import LIDAR data into Global Mapper include some basic analysis and visualization skills of the software.
  • Importing LiDAR DEMs into Global Mapper
  • Display as hillshade
  • Display as slopeshade
  • Raster Image Overlay on LIDAR DEM
  • 3D Visualization
  • LIDAR DEMs Exporting Files to Google Earth (KML / KMZ)
Download GIS Tutorial : Global Mapper and Basic Visualization of LiDAR DEMs

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