Analysis of LIDAR data in ArcGIS 10.01

ArcGIS 10.1 which will be released early 2012 to include a new tool: the ability to display, perform data updating and analysis of lidar (light detection and ranging) with a *. LAS file format.  Format files with the LAS  extension itself is actually as an alternative to ASCII interchange format (*. ASC) which is now widely used.

Format with the extension *. LAS LiDAR data to be able to reduce the file size by 35% - 80% when compared to an ASCII file. The advantage of course on the speed of your computer to open and process the files *. LAS. Presentation on the use of LIDAR data in ArcGIS 10.1 can be seen on the video below, which are presented at the ESRI User Conference last July 2011.

If you are a user of ArcGIS 9.x or ArcGIS 10 who want to display the LIDAR data in LAS format, can use a free utility from GeoCue named LAS Reader for ArcGIS.

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