VectorLock ArcGIS Extension To Secure The Shapefile Data

eMap International and Par Government released VectorLock, a security system for the first ever geospatial shapefile data chiefly. VectorLock is the extension for ArcGIS 9.3 or 10 that allows You or your company to protect and control data access across the use of geospatial data from both internal and external sharing of data.

VectorLock ensure the highest possible level of security. Shapefile Data is secured and distributed to the user via encrypted format exclusively that look like ordinary shapefile data when added into ArcGIS. You have the authority to set the time up to how long data can be accessed by a shapefile client or our business partners. If You set the time that has been exceeded, automatically the data cannot be accessed anymore by Your clients or partners.

VektorLock is available in three versions, namely the Standard (free), Advanced (free) and Admin. The standard version used to call and display the VectorLock files, including changing the symbology. Dementara for Advanced version, in addition to having all the capabilities of the standard version, this version available Editor toolbar. For the Admin version, there is full functionality to create VectorLock files and unlock VectorLock files.

More Info on VectorLock at this link.
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