The 2011 version of pcSKOG Gård forestry management program has released

The 2011 version of pcSKOG Gård forestry management program has released.  pcSKOG Gård produced by Swedish company pcSKOG AB, is used by forest owners to create and effectively use forest management plans. It said, that in this version, there are some simplification of the program user interface for greater ease of use and implementation of an efficient integrated mapping solution.

This is the first version of pcSKOG Gård developed with the TatukGIS DK. Meanwhile, the previous versions were based on ESRI ArcView. Development using the TatukGIS DK (.NET edition) has enabled implementation of useful new features for project management, real-time GPS, sketch map editing, support for web map services, etc.  With this upgrade, pcSKOG has progressed technically from ArcView 3.2 as the GIS engine, Paradox database, and data storage in ESRI SHP files to TatukGIS DK as the GIS engine, SQLite database, and data storage in a geodatabase.

The majority of forestry management companies and forest owners in Sweden use this pcSKOG products. The Customer response to the latest version has already been very positive. During the next few weeks pcSKOG will release DK based upgrades of its other forestry management related software products.

New or improved features of pcSKOG Gård 2011 are:
  •  New management of the forestry plan map reflecting the replacement of ArcView with a more intuitive and easier to use integrated mapping software.
  • Lighting fast map rendering and support for more data formats.
  • Real-time GPS functionality to view a current location on the map, georeference a data point, log a path, etc.
  •  Support for opening Web Map Services, such as the National Land Survey (Map of  Sweden), MapQuest, etc., from the web as a map layer.
  • Saving of multiple vector, raster, and web based layers with full visual properties as a map project.
  • Powerful map navigation and map query features via the data table.
  • Situational documentation using geotagged photos within the map project.
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