TdhGIS - Free GIS Software for Linux and Windows

TdhGIS is free software for spatial analysis of data specific vector that can run on Linux and Windows operating systems. This free GIS software can be used as a shapefile viewer and shapefile editor.

TdhGIS built using C + +, wxWidgets and SQLite. This software is built based on the functionality of the hydraulic network analysis program, TdhNet and vector graphics editing program, TdhCad. TdhGIS have an open database structure and have the ability to conduct import and export spatial data types such as shapefile vector, comma separated variable (CSV​​) files and others.

Aside from being a "viewer and editor shapefile data", some of the features available in freeware GIS ThdGIS among others capable of making Thiessen polygons (eg for the analysis to know the distance the nearest hospital in a city), making the data contour line elevation values ​​based on the similarity of data points (XYZ), and create contour polygon data (eg for the determination of areas where rainfall exceeds the average value of rainfall data from stations that exist), and much more.

More details on TdhGIS you can be visiting the site You can also download the software at once obtain a user manual (downloaded separately) via a link TdhGIS Library.
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