Marble: Alternative Virtual Desktop Globe in addition to Google Earth

In addition to Google Earth and Bing Maps has now been present Marble, a virtual globe application for free as an alternative for users of Linux, Windows and Mac OS. For users of Linux, open source application comes along with the KDE desktop, though can also be run on GNOME.

Marble as well as Google Earth and Bing Maps, also can show satellite imagery, visual satellite imagery is available also at night, the old globe map 1689, temperature and precipitation information. Even available month view, Venus and Mars.

Marble is able to display data from OpenStreetMap and open the file in Google Earth KML maps and GPX data GPS data file. Marble also can display a photo similar to the Panoramio layer in Google Earth, find out coordinates with different projection systems and available Map Creation Wizard and Folder Sharing as well as measure the distance between one location to another location.

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