Improve the Drawing Performance of Map in ArcGIS 10

With ArcGIS 10, you can improve the drawing performance of your map by using basemap layers to quickly draw basemap content.

Basemap layers use a high-performance drawing engine and display caching techniques to draw the map quickly, which allows you to get your work done faster.
1. Start ArcMap and open an existing map document.
2. In the table of contents, right-click New Basemap Layer.

3. A new basemap layer is added to the map. (If ArcGIS detects a video card capable of supporting hardware-accelerated display that has not been enabled, you will see a message asking if you would like to enable it. Choose Yes.)  

Add content to the basemap layer by dragging layers into the new basemap layer in the table of contents window, similar to adding content to a group layer.

4. As you add content to the basemap layer, icons that indicate errors or warnings about the layers in the basemap layer may appear. For example, some layer types are not supported in basemap layers, and these layer types will be marked as errors.

5. To find out more information about errors or warnings, right-click the basemap layer and click Analyze Basemap Layer to start the analysis. The Prepare window will open and display a list of the errors, warnings, or messages for that basemap layer.

6. The Prepare window is interactive. The shortcut menu for each item in the list provides quick solutions to the reported problem (when possible) as well as links to the help system for more information.

7. Errors should be fixed so the basemap layer will behave properly. Warnings and messages indicate significant issues that you should consider resolving to ensure optimal performance.
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