GPX to SHP and KML to SHP in Arcgis 10

Now I want to show you how to convert GPX to SHP and KML to SHP in ArcGIS 10. Conversions can be directly in ArcMap using the Add-in toolbox  Convert GPSFile to SHP. This add-in can be downloaded free at Geoprocessing Model and Script Tool Gallery on the site ArcGIS Resources Center

The following stages of how to use the Add-in Toolbox Convert GPSFile to SHP which can be used to convert GPX to SHP and KML to SHP. 
  1. Download a free add-ins Toolbox Convert GPSFile to SHP HERE
  2. Extract the directory that is easy to recognize, or create a new folder for example kml2shp. 
  3. Open ArcMap, add GPSFile to Convert SHP to the Toolbox by: 
  • Right-click on empty space in the Toolbox, select Add Toolbox

  • Browse to the directory where you extract the add-ins Toolbox Convert GPSFile to SHP, locate the file GPSFile_to_SHP.tbx. Click OK, then you will find a new toolbox with the name GPSFile Convert to SHP.

  • Now you're ready to do the conversion from GPX to SHP or KML to SHP in ArcGIS 10. Double click one of the scripts (as per your requirements) Convert Convert GPX to SHP or KML to SHP, it will display a form to specify the input file to be converted, determines its Feature Type (point / polyline / polygon), and determines the output its files. Click OK if you have appropriate entries.
 Important note to this Add-in Toolbox Convert SHP GPSFile:
  • File conversion result always has a geographic projection system.
  • Could not convert the KMZ file. You have to extract the KMZ to KML in advance, can use the software 7zip or else. Usually results in a file named doc.kml
  • The script could not convert KML generated by Google Maps, although already in the save again on Google Earth. You must re-digitization KML from Google Maps on Google Earth to be able to convert using this tool.

  • This tool can still be used in ArcGIS 3.9 / 9.3.1

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