Creating a Layer Package or Map Package Using ArcGIS 10

  1. To create a layer package, right-click the layer you want to package in the ArcMap table of contents and choose Create Layer Package (to include multiple layers in the layer package, select the layers, then right-click one of them). To create a map package, choose File > Create Map Package.
  2. On the dialog box that appears, choose whether you want to upload the package to ArcGIS Online or save it, and click Validate. Validation checks your data for errors or issues that might impede performance or usability. If any issues are discovered, a window appears listing them, and you can right-click the entries in the list to solve them
  3. Click Share. (The Share button becomes enabled once validation has been completed.)
  4. If you chose the option to upload to ArcGIS Online, you’ll be prompted to sign in, and the Package Details dialog box will appear. On that dialog box, fill in the remaining fields, choose who you want to share your package with, and click OK.
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