XTools Pro 7.1 for ArcGIS 10

ArcGIS users would be familiar with the extension Xtools Pro. Similarly, for software XTools ArcView, XTools Pro for ArcGIS has several useful functions for GIS operations analysis. But unfortunately, unlike the XTools to ArcVie, XTools Pro for ArcGIS is only available in the trial and paid versions.

XTools version available at this writing is version 7.1. ArcGIS users 10 must get ready to find trouble can not install a previous version of XTools. We only ever tried to install XTools version 5.2 and ArcGIS 5.3 at 10 that the result is a message that is undetectable by XTools ArcGIS.

XTools Functions are also included in the Toolbox as reported by DataEast is:

Feature Conversions toolset includes:
- Convert Features to Centroids
- Convert Features to Points
- Convert Features to Equidistant Points
(Fixed Number)
- Convert Features to Equidistant Points
(Fixed Interval)
- Convert Multipart Shapes to Single Parts
- Convert Polygons to Polylines
- Make One Polygon from Points
- Make One Polygon from Polylines
- Make One Polyline from Points
- Transfer/Convert Features
- Split Polygons
- Split Polylines
- Smooth Polylines

Overlay Operations toolset includes:

- Erase Features
- Identity
- Update Polygon Layer

Table Operations toolset includes:

- Add Lat/Lon Coordinates
- Add X, Y, Z Coordinates
- Calculate Area
- Calculate Area Batch
- Calculate Length
- Calculate Length Batch
- Delete Multiple Fields
- Find Duplicates

Data Management toolset includes:

- Convex Hull
- Convex Hull Multiple
- Create Personal GDB
- Create File GDB
- Export Data to KML
- Import Data to KML

Surface Tools toolset:

- Convert Grid to Contour
- Create Grid from Contours
- Create Grid from Points

XTools Pro 7.1

Credit: gistutorial.net Updated: XTools Pro for ArcGIS now Available with the latest version: XTools Pro 8.1
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