Conversion of Shapefile to KML with Shp2kml

Shp2kml is an excellent stand-alone application that transforms Shapefiles into KML files. The product includes a projection and datum converter as well, for those files that are not in the geographic WGS 1984 coordinate system.

The program offers several advanced features that others don’t : unique and gradual values for themed features (i.e choropleth mapping):

Mapping by Unique Value

Mapping by Gradiant Value


A note about labels : In order to activate the label feature, the product displays icons for every feature. This icon can be turned off in Google Earth in the layer’s properties, but it will remove all unique and graduate value symbology. Therefore, I do not recommend labelling features when using advanced symbology.

Each feature has associated icon. These icons can be removed in the layer property field but all advanced symbology will convert to single symbols.

And customized balloons:

The 'balloon' where attribute information appears when features on the map are clicked are completely customizable. Users can select the attribute fields, and the colours of the balloon.

The application also offers a preview of the map as well as access to the attribute table.

Results in Google Earth:

The resulting KML files offer a high resolution display of features.

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