Conversion of Shapefile to KML by GeoCommons Finder

GeoCommons Finder is a browser-based application for finding, organizing and sharing geospatial data. Users can upload their own GIS files and use the tools available in the application to convert to other formats such as .shp, .csv and KML. GeoCommons also has a mapping component to it called the GeoCommons Mapper where users can map the data they have uploaded, or data that others have uploaded. This is a very simple program to use, but it also offers only a very simple conversion tool, with very little user input for kml templates. Once in GE, the user can define a single symbol colour. It automatically offers an icon for every single feature, but this can be removed in GE’s layer properties.

The process of uploading your Shapefile to their online database is very simple.

Once uploaded, you can access your stored layers and then download them to your local computer in the file format that you would like.

Results in Google Earth :

GeoCommons Finder

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