Touchscreen in ArcGIS 10

ArcGIS Resource Center released an add-in for ArcGIS 10 that a user can use a touch of the hand on the screen to navigate in ArcGlobe such as pan and zoom. Addin touchscreen can only be in use for ArcGIS 10 on a computer that was connected Windows 7 Touch-enabled devices.

Addin Touch for ArcGIS Desktop 10 will produce the Touch button menu only on ArcGlobe. By using a sweep of the hand, the screen will perform the function ArcGlobe pan, while the 'pinch' with two fingers will execute the function of zoom ins. To zoom out, simply by flexing the second finger. For more details about the touchscreen capabilities in ArcGIS 10 is, please view the following video:

If you are interested in trying Addin-based code of Windows 7 Multitouch. NET Interop Sample Library, can be downloaded via the link below. On that page is also available how to install / uninstall, activation and how to use it.

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