Google Earth Cache Manager

Google Earth Cache Manager is a program that can record the cache of Google Earth (dbCache.dat) and generate the satellite image (in BMP format) from the extraction of the cache. (Cache extractor use a JPG from Eugeny Vedernicov Extractor - enved [at] -).

The first process is to collect the cache in online mode with Google Earth (GE), with the eyes of some of the height (ex: 3000 feet = 19 zoom picture quality), and let GE finished streaming, on the other hand, GE caches further increase the number of pixels (256x256 pixel images) databases. The more we get a cache in online mode, the broader we can create the satellite image.

The GECM count the number of pixels that will be used, the inputs of latitude, longitude, and zoom factor by users. Furthermore, GECM produce tiles in Mercator coordinates XY, and create a relational function of the code for the Mercator QRST XY code, with the function, to change the name of tile GECM QRST of extraction for Mercator name XY. XY information is then used to combine all the letters into one large BMP image formats.

GECM can work with a large tile, (ex: working with tile in 19 ± 12 000 zoom picture quality can generate about 1.3 GB of image formats BMP ± 100,000 hectares of area satellite images). Adobe Photoshop CS3 or equivalent software that can open the large size of this BMP format. Once opened in Photoshop, converting to TIFF format and then create a GeoTIFF with ArcGIS or ER Mapper. Now you get a geo-referenced satellite imagery!

If you are interested in using this software please download from this link
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