GIS Applications for Forestry

Here it is, some source of GIS applications for forestry and the brief of its explanation:

ArcView extension created by American Forests. Allows for analysis of several factors such as runoff and heat absorption in urban areas.

Forestry GIS (fGIS)
Forestry GIS (fGIS) is a robust GIS editor, digitizer, map printing and data query program created by the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin DNR. The freeware Windows software reads common spatial image and vector formats and writes shapefiles and geo-referenced images (NOTE: Due to licensing with Tatuk, only versions created prior to September 24, 2005 are available for downloading).

Forestry GIS Journal
Journal published periodically by ESRI about the Forest GIS community. Digital versions (need Adobe Flash Player) are available online.

FSGeodata Clearinghouse
Geospatial data from the US Forest Service. Find maps, raster and vector data for downloading.

GIS and Foresty
Descriptions of uses of GIS in forestry. Case studies described.

GIS for Forestry
Brief overview by ESRI on how GIS can help with mapping and spatial analysis of forestry issues.

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