Embed Google Maps into Websites/Blog

1. Choose where you would like to have the map located.
In this example, we decided to place a map on my Google Mapz page under the Create Map section.

2. Go to Google Maps and zoom in on the extent of desired map.
In this example, we zoomed in on the Washington, DC area.

3. Select Link from the top right hand corner of the page.
This will give you the option to copy the actual page link or embed with html.

4. Copy HTML code from embed window.
Highlight code and right click to copy or Ctrl + C.

5. Paste HTML code into web page editor.
Make sure you are placing this where HTML can be read and not directly as plain text. To paste, right click in area and choose paste or Ctrl +V.

6. Publish web page
The map is now embedded within our web page with a matter a minutes.

Wanna try?

Credit: Gispathway.com
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