Web-Based GIS Applications

Displaying spatial data through the web (world wide web) as well as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or MSN Maps can be done using open source applications. The service provides geospatial data in the form of satellite imagery (raster) and the road map (vector). Noteworthy is a web-based GIS applications are very closely related to the standard in the geospatial field. This is intended to support interoperability and cooperation in the provision of spatial data.

There are quite a lot of open source applications available for developing web-based GIS applications, among others:

MapServer. MapServer is an online mapping application (web-mapping) are quite popular. Developed by the University of Minnesota and is supported by NASA and the Department of Natural Resources Minnesota (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources). This application can be run on various operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X).

MapGuide Open Source. MapGuide Open Source is an online mapping application (web-based mapping) developed and supported by the OSGeo Foundation. MapGuide can be developed on Linux or Windows and can be supported by Apache or IIS web server, while the programming language that can be used is ASP. NET, PHP, Java and Javascript.

GeoServer. GeoServer is an online mapping application (web-mapping) is based on Java and built using GeoTools library. GeoServer is an implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature Server specification.

DeeGree. DeeGree, formerly known by the name of the candidate, provide some GIS functions which is the implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium.

The applications is reliable and has been tested enough about their abilities. These applications have the ability to do rendering of geospatial data in order to produce a map that is displayed through a browser.

OpenLayers can also be used to display geospatial data. In contrast to the four applications above, OpenLayers only able to display geospatial data from various sources such as data from GeoServer, Google Maps and others.
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