LiDAR-Tools Collection for ArcMap (VBA / with menu)

The FELIS-Analyst is a free LiDAR-tools for ArcMap, thet offers several possibilities to import LiDAR-RawData to ArcMap & analyze it.

In the actual Version of the FELIS-Analyst the following tools are included:

Raw data:
  • Import of ASCII – raw data
  • Georeferencing of raw data
  • Merging raw data
  • Normalization or raw data
  • Selection of raw data
Digital Elevation models:
  • Calculation of DTMs (Digital Terrain Models)
  • Calculation of DSMs (Digital Surface Models)
  • Calculation of nDSMs (normalized Digital Surface Models)
  • Analysis: Several tools of the Spatial Analyst are integrated into the FELIS-Analyst (Hillshade-Image, Slope-Image, Aspect-Image, Contour lines)
Extraction tools:
  • Module to extract roofs that are efficient for creating solar energy
  • Extracting Building footprints
  • Extracting Vegetation
  • Extracting Forest Areas
  • Extracting Tree Tops
  • Extracting Forest Composition
The program can be downloaded from this link
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