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Here it is the latest news from Elshayal Smart GIS Map Editor Users:

Kindly enclosed please find the Last Free Version of Elshayal Smart GIS Map Editor 4.56 which:

1 - Converting 2D to 3D Surface Analysis
Menu-> Network-> 2D to 3D Surface Analysis

2 - Building Contour Surface Analysis
Menu-> Network-> Contour Surface Analysis

3 - Convert Vector and Raster Layer Coordinates System between UTM and Geographic Lon-Lat

4 - Save layout images with written Lon and Lat coordinates to help exporting them to Autocad

5 - Download and save Google Earth Images as rectified images with world file format .jgw

6 - Makes Google Earth as a Background of your GIS Geographic Lon-Lat Map
Menu->Tools->Synchronize Google Earth with Geographic Lon-Lat Map

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Mohamed ELshayal

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