Forest Fires Simulation with ForeFire

The French national research agency CNRS has developed a simulator of forest fires which very cleverly uses the Google Earth Plug-in. The tool itself is quite impressive, using a combustion physics and the propagation model to simulate the progress of a fire front. Simply choose a point of ignition, change the wind direction of your choice and watch it burn. Even better, you can adjust the wind during a burn to see how things change.

At the end of the simulation, you can download the final result in a KMZ file for use with Google Earth. This file is pretty cool and gives you a great way to visualize data.

The simulation takes into account a lot of data, including fuels, roads and elevation. Consequently, a point can not start a fire if they land on non-combustible. Also note that only the Corsica is being installed in the system, so that the world is now fireproof.

Try it yourself here:
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