Download Free Landsat Image (via EarthExplorer) Tutorial

1. Visit

2. Register. Skip this step if you are already registered.

3. Login.

4. Select the dataset to be downloaded. In this example we will download the incoming Landsat 7 data category 1999 - present.

5. Enter the search criteria. In this example, we will download the Landsat data from January 1, 2008 until now.

6. Navigate and select our area on the map. Navigation is done by drag-and-drop, while the selection can be done by double-CLICK on the top left corner and lower right corner area of our interest.

7. Set the Maximum Number of Results into if desired. For example set the number 1000.

8. Click on the 3. Search

9. Result summary will be displayed. Wait the status from Running to Complete .

10. Click on Data Sets (on L7 SLC-off (2003-present) above, under the column Data Set)

11. The search results will appear as shown below (just examples).

We can arrange for Sorted data based on certain criteria. Click on "Change columns and the Sort Order of Results"at the bottom of the list. For example, we will sort the data based on cloud cover, etc..

Below is just an example after the data sorted by cloud cover.

12. To download the data, I think everyone does not have a problem with the data residing on the status of DOWNLOAD NOW. I will discuss at the next stage is if the data are not in a position DOWNLOAD NOW.


13. Order data we need (who are not on the status Download Now). Tick the box under the column Order.

14. "Add Selected Items to Shopping Basket". Button on the bottom of the list. We can still continue to shop until our shopping cart full.

15. View your shopping basket. This button is located below the list.

16. Review our orders. We can delete some data if it chooses.

17. Click apda Chekout to continue the booking process.

18. Click on Continue and enter the address.

19. Change personal information if you wish. Click on Submit Address Information ->

20. Done. What we need now is to wait for email delivery from the USGS / EROS about access ftp / download link our data messages.

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