Download Free Landsat Image (via WIST) Tutorial

1. Visit

2. Enter WIST

3. Login. If you do not have an account yet, please register.

4. In the block category, select By Discipline. Under the category of Land, select Landsat 7. In the keywords, select the Landsat 7 Enhanced Tematic Mapper Plus (ETM +).

5. Choose a Data Search Type. For example Primary Data Search.

6. Choose Search Area. For example Type in Lat/Lon Point.

7. Choose a Date/Time Range (not required) For example Start Date 2008-01-01

8. Choose Define Additional Options (not required) if you wish.

9. Click on Start Search.

10. Please wait until the search process is completed. In the case of search as this example takes about 1 minute to display the search results. Example of search results shown below.

11. There are two types of data (1) Access unavailable and (2) Data available online

Download Online Landsat (Online Access available)

>> If the data has the status (Online Access - Data) means that data can be downloaded directly via HTTP protocol. Click on the Data link (under the Online Access column). Please look at the name of the Data Granule ID to navigate your data. Data Granule ID shows the PATH and ROW from Landsat images. When Click on the DATA link, Open in new tab may be very useful to keep displaying the search results.

>> Click on the Download link above.

>> Internet browser will open LOGIN.

>> Link to download will be provided. Start downloading.

>> Save the file on your PC / Notebook you. Downloading via HTTP need an internet connection is not interrupted.

Download “Access Unavailable” Landsat (Online Access unavailable)

>> This method uses the FTP protocol connections. I highly recommend using this method than the above.

>> Select the data is required. We can choose any good data that the data can be downloaded via HTTP or not.

>> Add to Cart

>> Step 1: Choose Ordering Options. If we wish, we can make changes to the Order Options.

>> Go to Step 2: Order Form.

>> You can change personal data if you wish. Continue orders with Click Submit Order Now!.

>> Wait until the following message appears

>> All you need do now is wait in your email inbox that is used to register on the WIST. FTP access will be provided via email.

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