Coordinate Converter on Google Maps

The Worldwide Coordinate Converter (TWCC) is an interactive application that you can use to convert the coordinates to the interface using Google Maps. You can do the conversion of Decimal Degree to UTM or vice versa just by doing a drag & drop a globe icon to the location you want. This application was made by Clement Ronzon.

In addition to obtaining the coordinate, TWCC also provide information address (geocoding) and also the elevation at the location you specify, as shown in the picture above.

Here it is, the stages of using this converter:

  1. Specify the reference coordinate system first. I.e, decimal degree [GPS (WGS84) (deg)]. See image (above one).
  2. Define the coordinate system conversion results. I.e UTM [GPS (WGS84) (UTM)] with units of meters. See image (below one).
  3. You can choose the amount you wish to coordinate conversion, or click on map / slide the globe icon on the location you wish to know the value of its coordinates as well as converting to UTM, or fill in the search menu in the upper right. 
  4. To perform the coordinate conversion simply click the available convert button. 

Please try the application from this link, The Worldwide Coordinate Converter (TWCC)

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