Calculating Area on Google Maps

Now you can easily calculate the area of polygon in Google Maps by utilizing the services Google Planimeter site.

Area obtained was made up of various units such as square meters (m2), square kilometer (km2), hectares, square feet (ft2), acres, and mile2.

You just have to click the outer boundary area of the polygons you want to measure the extent of using the mouse on the map, after a minimum of 3 points, the polygon area formed will appear below the map.

If you want to add a point, just click the mouse again on the location of the boundary polygon, the area value will be automatically updated. If you are wrong in doing click when determining the polygon boundary, on the right there is the menu to delete the last point that you input.

So, if you need to calculate an area faster, you can use the services of the site from this link Google planimeter.
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