GIS Worlds: Creating Spatial Data Infrastructures

Spatial Data Infrastructures are defined as the technology, policies, standards, human resources, and related activities necessary to acquire, process, distribute, use, maintain, and preserve spatial data. Writed by Ian Masser, GIS Worlds: Creating Spatial Data Infrastructures discusses the diffusion and evolution of SDIs around the world, shows where SDIs are advancing, and describes where more work is needed. More significantly, it details the implementation of SDIs from a practical perspective and outlines a method of institution building for regional, continental, and global SDIs. This timely and important text promises to illuminate even further the need for intelligent governance and strong leadership in the GIS and spatial data communities.

Ian Masser is visiting professor at the University of Utrecht, the University of Melbourne, and the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London. He has served as chairman of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE), president of the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI), and president of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association
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