ArcGIS Tutorial Videos from KnowGIS: Part I

View USGS Quadrangles (QUADS) using Google Earth

In this short video tutorial, we will explore options for viewing USGS content via Google Earth to include Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs). We will look at options to view USGS Orthophoto Quadrangles, USGS Urban Areas Orthoimagery, National Elevation Dataset Grayscale Relief and National Atlas Color Relief.

A component of this tutorial is a keyhole markup language (KML) file which has been compiled and prepared by Metzger & Willard, Inc. Their product name is Google Earth Survey © 2007-2009 Metzger & Willard, Inc. Google Earth Survey is not affiliated with Google in any way. Google and Google Earth are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Quadrangles coverage includes the conterminous United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Parts of Antarctica and the United States (US) Virgin Islands.

All quadrangle frames, quadrangle information, and content are supplied by the USGS. Data errors, accuracy, and data availability are beyond the control of this application.

All data and remote images are obtained and transferred from remote servers. It is possible data errors may occur and there may be issues with accuracy, and availability.

Digitizing (Heads up) using ArcMap

Purpose: Introduction to heads-up digitizing using a georeferenced image in the background. In this lesson we will digitize 3 vector datasets: points, lines, and polygons. We'll Explore where to get free raster aerial photos, edit sketch, digitizing, creating new shapefiles and populating attribute tables with data.

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