Slope Class Map from ASTER G-DEM

On one of my posts I told about how to make the slope class map from SRTM. The question is, how about Aster gdem, is the slope class map can be made by the same method? off course. Both of them are DEM. One of the most important and should not be forgotten is the use of projection UTM. Change the map projection to UTM your DEM first.

Now, I want tell you other methode of making slope class from DEM.

1. Open SRTM data on Global Mapper => Change the Projection to UTM

2. Export Raster and Elevation Data => Export GeoTIFF

3. GeoTIFF Options (Elevation - 32 bit floating point samples)

4. Export Bounds (choose the exported location only)

5. Active 3D Analyst menu on ArcGIS Desktop

6. Tools => Extentions => click 3D Analyst

7. Tools => Customize => click 3D Analyst

8. Add file GeoTIFF on ArcGIS

9. 3D Analyst => Surface Analysis => Slope

10. Click on one of the Layer Classify

11. Reclassify => Click on one of the Set values to Reclassify row=> Classify

12. Method : Equal Interval => Classes : 5

13. Change the interval with 0-6, 6-12, 12-16, 16-25, 25-90

14. The number of classes and the number of classification classes is depend of the needs.

15. Done

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