fGIS: Open Source GIS for Forestry

fGIS is one of the open source GIS software. It is a light but powerful to make the process of digitizing and editing vector data. Vector data format can be open is also quite diverse including shapefile, DXF, e00 and MIF. fGIS was designed for natural resource managers who are not GIS specialists. It’s easy-to-use and simple to install. Many power users also like fGIS because they can run it on laptops or home computers without copyright issues, it produces data compatible with commercial GIS programs, and fGIS is free.

As of November 7, 2005, Forestry GIS (fGIS) updates are no longer available for public download. Although Wisconsin DNR continues to improve fGIS, a change in the license agreement for the TatukGIS Developer Kernel would require payment of royalties to distribute newer versions of fGIS outside of DNR programs. A list of updates to fGIS since the September 24, 2005 build is available, which might explain bugs you encounter in the older version. (You can continue to use and freely share versions of fGIS released before November 7, 2005.)


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