ESRI Press Releases GIS Tutorial Series for ArcGIS 10

ESRI Press has updated the popular GIS GIS Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 workbook for compatibility with ArcGIS 10. New GIS Tutorial 3 complement this comprehensive series.

GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook by Wilpen L. Gorr and Kristen S. Kurland provide an introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) concepts easily understandable. The book combines ArcGIS tutorials with self-study exercises and guides students through a series of lessons step-by-step to gradually increase the skills and confidence. Students also gain critical thinking skills as they solve problems based on real world issues.

The second book, GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook by David W. Allen, focusing on building problem-solving skills and spatial analysis using tools in ArcGIS Desktop. The workbook guides the user with the ability of GIS medium through the procedure for the analysis of location, change from time to time, location and value comparisons, geographical distribution, pattern analysis, and identification of the cluster.

Third in the series, GIS Tutorial 3: Advanced Workbook by David W. Allen and Jeffery M. Coffey explores the full breadth of capabilities with ArcGIS Desktop complexfunctions more details are available in both ArcEditor and ArcInfo. It isintended for professionals and students with intermediate to advanced GIS skills.

Each workbook contains the data to complete the related training and 180 day trial version of ArcGIS Desktop software on DVD. They are appropriate for both self-study and classroom instruction.
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