ESRI Press: Mapping Forestry

Wrote by Peter Eredics, Mapping Forestry book offers a look at current and cutting-edge approaches to forestry from aroung the world and describes how GIS software supports the business of forestry in today’s era of economic changes, increased global competition, and diminishing resources. In real scenarios from the United States, Canada, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, and Romania, foresters share how they use GIS to manage commercial operations and maintain sustainable stewardship.

Forest managers describe how computer-generated maps and GIS analysis help them make important decisions about the best places to build roads, whether logging in a particular area is commercially feasible, and which fire-damaged areas should be restored first. This book contains 19 chapters, each with a full-color map, featuring detailed descriptions of the types of GIS analysis that it represents. Mapping Forestry is the difinitive GIS guide for forestry professionals.
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