Synchronizing ArcMap - Google Earth

This tutorial will show you how to perform synchronization between ArcMap with Google Earth. To be able to follow this tutorial, make sure you have obtained the script by downloading at this link. Download and extract the zip file into in a separate folder, for example folder SyncArc-GE. To be able to run a synchronization, Your computer must be installed Google Earth, and your computer also connected to the Internet.

Here are the steps to perform synchronization between ArcMap and Google Earth:

1. Extract the downloaded file script file, make sure the following files are available in package:

a. Class: CGoogleEarth.cls and CMapCalcGE.cls
b. Form: frmSyncArcGE.frm (pair frmSyncArcGE.frx)
c. Modules: SyncArcGE.bas and WinFunctions.bas
d. Content of ThisDocument: Init_SyncArcGE.bas

2. Open ArcMap and display the Visual Basic Editor from the Tools menu select Macros ->Visual Basic Editor, or press Alt + F11

3. Open file "Init_SyncArcGE.bas" with Notepad, copy the whole script there (ctrl + A then Ctrl + C), then Paste the Project Explorer/Normal(Normal.mxt)/ArcMap Objects/This Document

4. Next import files other than "Init_SyncArcGE.bas" and who has the *. frx extension into Project Explorer/Normal(Normal.mxt). Right click on the Import File to Normal.mxt.

5. Do it for all existing files, except "Init_SyncArcGE.bas" and which have extension *. frx. Import results as shown in the picture below:

6. Now back to ArcMap to create a key / button control to run the script you just imported. To create a button control, from the Tools menu -> Customize. From the Customize window open, move to the Commands tab, in the "Save In" make sure you pick

7. Still on the same windows and tabs, on Categories, highlight to the bottom, find the category [UIControls], as shown in the figure below.

8. Click on New UIControl, then select from four options UIButtonControl UIControlType, click Create.

9. Now under Commands there is a new button. Rename it with a button Normal.SyncArcGE name. To rename, click once on the button (to be blue), then click once again. Not with a double click!

10. Furthermore, associate with one button Normal.SyncArcGE toolbar is currently active, by dragging (click and drag) and then inserted between the buttons on the toolbar being active.

11. Result as shown below. If you want to, pictures replaced button
by clicking - right> Change Button Image -> select the desired image. Then
close the Customize window

12. Add a new layer in ArcMap (vector, or raster) that already have a projection system. Click the button SyncArcGE that's been made before. By default, Google Earth open and direct zoom in accordance with ArcMap layers. Every time you want to do synchronization, you should click the button contained in a small window of ArcMap: Google


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