GIS for Watershed Modeling Exercise V

Drainage Points

Next, we need to generate drainage point feature class from Catchment and flow accumulation

Hydro Network Generation

We have already created drainage features – drainage lines, drainage points and catchment polygons. Select Network Tools – Hydro Network Generation, keep the default input as following:

This process generates two feature classes – hydro junction feature class and hydro edge feature class. It also establish connectivity between the drainage and network feature classes.

Set Flow Direction

This function set flow direction for the hydro network based on FlowDir grid.

To view the flow direction, go to “view – Tool bars – Utility Network Analyst”. Make sure Utility Network Analyst is checked.

On the Network toolbar, select Flow – Display Arrows. You should see:

Use the Add Junction Flag tool on the Utility Network Analyst to place a flag on the basins outlet junction. This will place a green square (representing a flag) on the junction.

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