Download Free Aster G-DEM

ASTER GDEM is an easy-to-use, highly accurate DEM covering all the land on earth, and available to all users regardless of size or location of their target areas. Anyone can easily use the ASTER GDEM to display a bird's-eye-view map or run a flight simulation, and this should realize visually sophisticated maps. By utilizing the ASTER GDEM as a platform, institutions specialized in disaster monitoring, hydrology, energy, environmental monitoring etc. can perform more advanced analysis.

On my last post, I told you how to download ASTER GDEM via ftp. For some reason, many say that the way is easier. But it it would be better if I also tell you a different way to download it.

ASTER GDEM tiles can be also downloaded from ERSDAC by visiting the link below: This web-based search system has 4 methods for tile selection. You can select tiles with one of the following methods.

- Select tiles directly
- Select tiles by polygon
- Select tiles by shapefile
- Select tiles by coordinates

Click here to search your tile directly
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