Download Free AlosPALSAR Image via FTP

ALOS satellite has been launched by the Japanese Space Agency in January 2006 and has managed to record information of the earth surface. ALOS satellite is carrying three types of sensors, namely PALSAR, Prism and AVNIR-2. Especially Phased Array type L sensor-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR) have privileges can penetrate clouds, so the information can be obtained from the earth's surface at all times, both night and day. For high-resolution mode and ScanSAR resolusion respectively 10 meters and 100 meters. PALSAR data can be used for the manufacture of DEM, Interferometry for ground displacement information, the content of the biomass, monitoring of forestry, agriculture, oil spills (oil spill), soil moisture, minerals, search for the missing aircraft and ships etc.

PALSAR polarimetric(PLR) data, acquired on March 7th , 2007, showing the mouth of the Mahakam river in east Kalimantan. The scene is rich in thematic contents,and forest (green) non-forest (purple) and mangroves (brown) can be distinguished. Severly depleted mangroves are visible in the right hand side of the image.
ALOSPALSAR's 50 meters resolution image can be downloaded for free via

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