IDRISI Taiga: A REDD Application

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) is a climate change mitigation strategy employed by conservation organizations, project developers and governments in developing countries. The intent of REDD is the conservation of forests to sequester carbon and reduce climate change impacts.

A key task of a REDD project is the determination of historical deforestation rates and patterns, as well the proximate causes and underlying forces of such deforestation. This baseline mapping is critical for the identification of future REDD project scenarios to conserve carbon.

Clark Labs provides purpose-built software as well as consulting and advisory services to REDD practitioners that address conservation strategies such as forest protection (e.g., protecting rainforest areas and infrastructure management) or sustainable forest production (e.g., agroforestry projects).

The IDRISI Taiga software includes a complete land analysis toolkit, compatible with international requirements, for mapping historical baselines and modeling future scenarios. Its integrated and comprehensive features allow you to process your satellite data for the land cover mapping component as well as manage and conserve forest carbon, biodiversity, and related ecosystem services. The participation of local stakeholders is also possible since IDRISI includes a unique suite of decision support tools.

Application areas include:

* Land cover mapping and forest monitoring
* Business-as-usual baseline projection
* Projection and validation of future deforestation scenarios
* Leakage zone assessment
* REDD forest carbon accounting
* Modeling of biodiversity and habitat co-benefit analysis
* Modeling ecosystem services impacts
* Climate trend assessment

Learn more about how IDRISI Taiga and its Land Change Modeler application can be utilized to assess, measure and predict land cover change for REDD projects.

IDRISI Taiga GIS and Image Processing Brochure
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