Download 30M ASTER GDEM via FTP described us an alternative how to download ASTER GDEM via FTP. He said it is much faster and there is no error page like if you did at

Here are the steps.

1. Visit WIST Page (
2. “ENTER WIST” or use this link
3. Create an Account (if you don’t have). Follow registration instruction completely.
4. Login
5. Search Aster GDEM data. The next steps are based on my preferences. You may user your own searching preference.
6. Sort categories “By Discipline”
7. Choose “ASTER” under “Land“
8. Find “ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model v001″ Click on it .
9. Click on “Choose dataset keywords”
10. I did not change anything on “Choose a Data Search Type“
11. “Choose Search Area” I tried “Type in Lat/Lon Point”. One point lat/lon will automatically select 4 x 4 degrees data matrix. You can try another selection method.
12. I left other options untouched.
13. Click on Start Search
14. Choose/review selected data. Recognize data we need by viewing on their Data Granule ID
15. Continue by pressing “Add Selections to Cart“
16. Continue the order by clicking on “Go to Step 2“
17. Personal data and billing address will be shown. Change the field data if you wish. Don’t worry about billing. It costs us $0 (zerro).
18. Submit Order Now
19. Wait in your email inbox. Some emails (probably two per order) will be delivered to your email. Wait to download until you have information about FTP connection.

The following is an example of email from WIST about FTP connection to download my order.


FTPDIR: /PullDir/0301817596QalpDb
Ftp Pull Download Links:
Down load ZIP file of packaged order:
FTPEXPR: 07/08/2009 09:36:19
MEDIA 1 of 1
>>>>>> etc
From information above (again, via email), we can start to download our order using Firefox or FTP client. I prefer Filezilla. On Filezilla, I use information above

* Host:
* Username and password: empty (anonymous)
* Directory: /PullDir/0301817596QalpDb
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